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Do Something With Your Marketing: Special Interview with Ian Altman

by Christopher S Penn

Sales Tips You Might Want To Steal

Salesperson or subject matter expert: Which one are you?
by Caroline Marwitz

Why You’ve Been Selling All Wrong (and the Secret to Doing It Right)

(Review of Ian’s best selling book, Same Side Selling)
by Tim Albright

Sales Guru Ian Altman Scores Again with “Same Side Improv” Card Game

(article includes an “unboxing” video on how to play Same Side Improv)
by Bob London

OPEN for Discussion: Can Off-Topic Conversations Help Your Brand?

by Erika Napoletano Columnist, American Express OPEN

Sales Enablement Thought Leader Interview: Ian Altman

by Carrie Morgan





Jack Quarles & Ian Altman talk about Same Side Selling

Aired on Washington Business Report

Same Side Selling

(Ian Altman & Jack Quarles) Aired on the We Mean Business TV with Steve Dorfman

Understanding Same Side Selling

Aired on Sales Pop! Podcast 

How to Boost Innovation in Your Organization through the Same Side Selling Model with Ian Altman

Aired on Talent Grow Podcast 

Why Being Sincere is So Important in Business with Ian Altman

Aired on Your Superior Self Podcast 

Discovery – Same Side Selling with Ian Altman

Aired on Daily Sales Tip 

Same Side Selling

Aired on The Business Power Hour with Deb Krier

The Modern Approach to Sales with Ian Altman

Aired on The Relevant Leadership Podcast with Ty Bennett 

Getting Salespeople and Prospects on the Same Side

Aired on Duct Tape Marketing podcast 

A New Selling Mindset

Aired on Creative Warriors Podcast 

Selling with Authority and Integrity

Aired on The Art of Authority Podcast 

Same Side Selling Success With Ian Altman

Aired on The Daily Grind with Colin Morgan

Same Side Selling With Ian Altman

Aired on the Six Pixels Of Separation with Mitch Joel

How to achieve explosive growth in sales all with integrity with Ian Altman

Aired on the EO Fire John Lee Dumas

2018 Top Business Trends

Aired on the Business Innovators Radio with Mike Saunders

Entrepreneurs and Sales – With Ian Altman

Aired on the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast with Thom Singer

Ian Altman – Upside Down Selling

Aired on Ryan Rhoten’s Brand New You Podcast

Same Side Selling, What Sets His Financial Advisor Apart, and Hiring A+ Talent

We talk about how to get to the truth as quickly as possible, so you can find the right opportunities and avoid wasting time on clients that aren’t an ideal fit.

Aired on Brad Johnson’s Elite Advisor Blueprint Podcast

Same Side Selling

Discover the trick we should take from athletes, how to stand out and sell yourself in a job interview, and how to be authentic during a job interview.

Aired on Angela Copeland’s  Podcast


How to Sell Professional Services

Ian Altman shares his insights and knowledge on how to build a high-growth business and coaching practice.

Aired on JV Crum’s The Conscious Millionaire Podcast


Selling In The Legal World cover170x170

Discover methods for selling Legal Services – without sounding like a salesman!

Aired on Neil W. Tyra’s The Law Entrepreneur Podcast


Improve Your Sales & Increase Your Revenue

Aired on Kemi Egan’s Turbo Charge Your Success Podcast

LaheyHow You Can Become Outrageously Successful Targeting and Winning New Business

Aired on Stephen Lahey’s Business Podcast

AOC logo3

Conduct Your Business With Integrity


Aired on Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger


We’re All On The Same Side in Sales


Aired on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch

How to Get Your Clients to Find You100_MBA-LOGO_Full_Clean_200

Aired on The $100 MBA show with Omar Zenhom


Ian Altman Teaches Us How To Become An Expert Seller


Aired on MentorMe Podcast with Eric Sciberras

Ethical Selling for Conscious Enterpreneursconsciousmillionaire

Aired on Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III


How To Maximize The Value Of Your Business Through Sales Leadership

Aired on Exit Coach Radio Show with Bill Black


Selling is not a game nor a battle.


Ian Altman Explains “Same Side Selling”Aired on Life’s A Pitch Podcast with Boyd Blackwood


Same Side Selling: A Radical Approach to Break Through Sales Barriers


Aired on Podcast with Stephen Lahey


Why It’s Time for Sales and Marketing to Merge


Aired on Mad Marketing with Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion

How To Grow Your Revenue with Same Side Selling

Aired on Eventual Millionaire with Jaime Tardy