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You can count on Ian to provide concrete steps to modernize your sales and marketing to achieve results, not hype.

Audiences frequently give Ian high marks in post-event surveys.

  • 95% of Ian’s audience rate him as one of the top 5 presenters they’ve ever seen.
  • 35% rate him as the best speaker they’ve ever seen.

“The fact that Ian took the time to learn about our business allowed him to connect with the team in a way that prior presenters hadn’t been able to do. Our team is already putting Ian’s ideas into practice. We look forward to bringing Ian back for more.”

Robert A. Baumgarten
Vice President Retirement PLan Sales
The Standard

“Ian and his team were easy to work with in preparing for our national sales meeting. Ian listened to the challenges we are facing, surveyed our audience in advance to dig into these items, and tailored his keynote to our specific challenges. Team members commented that this topped every meeting we have ever had. We’re ready to serve our clients and deliver results.”

Aimee Kilpatrick, CIC Sr. Vice President, Director of
Sales Development & Operations
BXS Insurance

“We had Ian speak at our national sales meeting. It was a true awakening. Over the next three years, we grew BrightClaim from $17 million to over $100 million while better serving our customers, and without adding a bunch of salespeople.”

Howard Rogers, CEO & President

“We were not growing as fast as we wanted. Only 20% of our Small Business team was hitting their number. We brought Ian in for our national sales meeting. One year later, our growth has skyrocketed and 100% of the SB team is hitting their revenue goal.”

Jason Walker, Vice President of Sales
GPS Insight

“Ian energized our team with strategies, tools, and most importantly confidence to stand out from the competition and best serve our accounts. Ian tailored his examples to our world, making it easy to implement the concepts and see immediate tangible success. We loved his session, and can’t wait to bring him back for more.”

Amy Shah, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Johnson & Johnson

“Our team found Ian to be engaging and thought provoking.  His message about value selling resonates and can be implemented with relative ease across our supply chain.”

Mark Zacur, Vice President and General Manager
Fisher Healthcare – Thermofisher Scientific

“Thanks for an incredible keynote, Ian! We found our marketers relating our afternoon sessions back to your content from earlier in the day. It was great to see the content resonate with the team!”

Alaina Lambert,
Integrated Marketing Communications | North America Marketing

“I must have quoted you 10 times in the last 2 days.”

Greg Pumilia,
Vice President, Strategy and Change Management


“Ian hit it out of the park. Ian’s Keynote was captivating, entertaining, refreshing and spot on! More importantly, you gave the audience several key actionable items that will directly impact the way they do business. Thank you for delivering one of the best Keynotes we have had at our excellent convention.”

Joseph F. DeNoyior
Managing Partner Washington Financial Group
and Former NAPA President

“Groundbreaking day with Ian Altman at GPS Insight, teaching us very practical techniques. Learning the most I have since college. Ian is passionate and has some pretty impressive success stories. All of this…..Still flowing through my head as I get my physical pump going.”

Carson Ciggia, Sales Representative
GPS Insight

“To say Ian’s expertise has benefited our business would be a huge understatement. Our company has more than doubled in size by following the Same Side Selling Method. After seeing Ian speak in Newcastle, UK, I immediately read his book Same Side Selling, which has completely transformed how we approach business development. We now always look for the right fit, not just the sale. Aside from helping us win better quality business, Ian’s insights (especially from his weekly podcast) help us retain clients, sell based on value vs. price, and can better demonstrate the impact of our creative work for our clients even more. I am a massive fan.”

Raman Sehgal,
Founder ramarketing

“Ian combined entertainment with education and inspiration. His Same Side Selling session gave our audience actionable messages they could apply to their businesses right away. Ian was approachable, and keep everyone fully engaged while delivering real-world strategies and tactics to help drive growth for the participating companies. We measure the impact by how long the attendees talk about the session, and months later, Ian’s session is still a topic of conversation with with attendees ranging from sales professionals through the C-Suite.”

Chris Miller –
Professional Systems Network International (PSNI)

“Outstanding content and value. Ian presents a whole different mindset for selling. In several weeks it already is making a difference with me and with our company. I anticipate that we will look back at Ian’s training as a hallmark moment in the history of our company, when throughout many levels in our company we really learned to sell!”

Michael Engels,
Chief Investment Officer/Partner
CWS Capital Partners

“ I left the session feeling armed, empowered and excited use the Same Side Selling methodology in my day-to-day interactions with clients!”

Brandy Hammond,
E2G The Equity Engineering Group

“Can’t miss this!  Ian was fun, engaging, and actually seemed to know what he was talking about!  His proven experience shone through.  There was a good balance of presentation, interaction, and opportunity for questions.”

Anne Ballard,
Hunter Lab

“Ian Altman presented invaluable sales guidance in an fun, interactive and engaging style.  His honest, disarming approach to sales should resonate with any sales professional who wants to achieve dramatically greater results and maintain a high level of integrity.”

Ben Foreman,

LPL Financial

“We struggled to develop a message and sales methodology that could help us stand out from the competition. We worked with Ian Altman to build a culture of integrity-based selling for our company. Our message no longer falls on deaf ears, and our clients better appreciate the value we bring to impact their business. The great thing about Ian’s approach is its focus on finding the truth.  It makes for a sales conversation that is much more comfortable and productive, for both parties. ”

Brad Powell, CEO

“We engaged Ian Altman to speak to our entire sales and leadership team. Before we even got started there was some skepticism and initial reluctance about Ian’s novel approach. Now, everyone is singing his praises. Our highest performer openly admitted in a company meeting that after only two months, Ian’s sales approach has completely changed the way he approaches sales, and has made him even more successful. Our clients appreciate now buy from us based on value instead of price.”

Howard Rogers, CEO

“Ian presented a truth and integrity based sales and business development process. His process moves you from a traditional “sales person” to one of a trusted adviser that steers away from behavior that resembles a common practice of “begging” for a deal in all but name. The program provides a framework that will enable the practitioner to retain the dignity and value of his services and the prospects real need(s).”

Same Side Selling:Immersion, Denver

“Ian’s seminar was insightful and gave great meaning on how our entire organization sells. It gave value back to the “sale” position in terms of consultant and problem solver. I have been to countless sales seminars and found that this was the most beneficial and made the most sense on how to apply it in my current position.”

Same Side Selling Immersion, Seattle

“Inside, outside, upside down. Ian Altman inverts the world of selling and turns it back again as author of two Amazon #1 Best Seller books: Upside Down Selling and Same Side Selling. Ian rocks at delivering valuable, engaging content to help sales teams target and win business with his innovative yet practical approach. Don’t be left out of the know – go with Ian.”

Snagajob Sales KickOff

“This was one of the best trainings of my career…a true performance. The content was helpful and relevant. Ian has an interesting way of presenting an otherwise monotonous topic, and puts real creativity into the content. The content was interesting and meaningful with some catchy takeaways. The performance quality was high throughout, both technical and conversational.”

Snagajob Sales KickOff

“Ian Altmans personality draws the audience in and has them hanging at every moment as he presents his sales strategy.”

Snagajob Sales KickOff

“It opened up a totally new way of approaching not just sales but also our overall marketing efforts. Ian’s presentation was entertaining, educational, and enjoyable. Huge success for our organization.”

Melfred Borzall Annual Channel Sales KickOff

“I’ve had the good fortune to have Ian Altman speak to our audience. Ian introduces concepts that I have never seen in all my years (and I spent 28 years in sales, sales management and trainer for Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling). Ian has an ability to make sophisticated concepts easy to implement. He helps the audience discover what they should do, why it works, and then shows them exactly how to execute the concepts. It’s rare to see a speaker with enough real-world experience to role-play live situations from the audience with such fluidity. Participants left the program with pages of detailed notes they could put into action to produce immediate results.”

Bryan Baudean
Vistage Chair

“We have worked with Ian Altman to introduce his novel, counterintuitive approach to sales and marketing. This approach takes into consideration the dramatic changes in buyer behavior as well as how to leverage content and technology. He is able to convey complex concepts with simplicity that makes everything actionable and “real.”  As a result, we have an approach that earns the attention of our customers, allows us to not waste time on the wrong opportunities, and truly stand out from the competition… all while realizing dramatic growth.”

John Heaton, CEO
PayPlus Benefits

“Ian was dynamic from the moment he spoke. A true “larger than life” personality, that if you were not part of the session he was presenting and walking by, you might find an excuse just to put your ear to the door and listen as the energy and enthusiasm could be perceived as “contagious” outside the meeting room walls.”

Shellie Albosta
CWS Capital Partners

“Ian Altman’s perspective on selling in a professional services environment is informative as well as thought provoking. Most of the concepts he suggested made sense and more importantly are easy to implement.”

Scott Levine
Managing Director – Stout, Risius, Ross

“…Eeverything you thought about selling should be thrown out. This unique approach provides insightful ways to improve probability of winning new projects by pushing you to think about the your value drivers and how you solve someone else’s problems.”

Jeremy Krasner
Managing Director
Stout, Risius, Ross

“The only problem with Ian’s presentation was that it wasn’t long enough! I loved every minute and felt completely energized after I left. I’m ready to make change in my organization!”

Ann Dolin
Educational Connections

“Ian got me to recognize what we are doing wrong and how to formalize and correct the process. I like practical, it was practical and entertaining. That will stick with me.”

Paul Valenta
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation

“It was engaging, with common sense concepts presented in a way that made them memorable. His presentation style was enjoyable and unique. The introduction of a quick series of photos finishing his sentences was something I had not seen before, making it both memorable as well as enjoyable. Most presenters don’t integrate media that well or seamlessly.”

Brad Olander, CEO- Goldstar, LLC

“Our people generally don’t like the idea of selling, but they love solving problems. Ian helped us make that mindset shift away from selling and into solving problems. That shift helped us focus on the problems we solve really well and engaged everyone in the company in solving those problems for clients and prospects – it unlocked a ton of potential in our people and the firm overall.”

Jeff Gallimore
Excella Consulting

Ian helped to shorten our sales cycle, swiftly eliminate garbage opportunities, and generate a 3-to-1 return on investment after only 6 months. Ian established a step-by-step approach to focus squarely on those organizations where we could make the greatest impact on their business. In a highly competitive field, we now stand taller than our competitors

Joe Appelbaum
The Potomac Companies

“Ian taught our sales staff and consultants how to transform prospects into customers. We had been struggling to close deals. Issue, Impact, & Importance provided context to ask the right questions, demonstrate value , and win business. We closed a new, strategic customer within weeks.”

Wendy Henry – COO,
Johnston McLamb

What’s so surprising sometimes in the world of business is how so many organizations and people tend to over-complicate it. My first (and best) business lesson was from my grandfather, who told me “Never forget…it all starts with the customer and with the sale.”

What’s fantastic about Ian is that he remembers that and never lets you lose sight of it. Read his blog…or just talk to him…and he oozes this relentless focus on the customer and in creating an effective and efficient sales process to deliver value to them and revenue to you. He understands that sales is a two-way value exchange, but he also knows that there are smart (and dumb) ways to make sure that you are doing it.

I feel quite fortunate to have Ian in my network and have learned a great deal from him. His experience speaks for itself and his focus is something we can all emulate.

Jeremy Epstein
Never Stop Marketing

Excellent presentation. Highly professional; terrific speaker (and listener); to the point; great audience interaction; useful visuals and take-aways. Applicable to a broad range of professionals across many industries. Strongly recommend. I will insist that my clients take the time to meet Mr. Altman.

Matthew Siegel
UGL Services

Ian brought a refreshing difference to his sales seminars for our company. He is able to clearly define how each level of individual in our company may utilize his proven techniques to increase sales success. He understands that each member of the team will approach organic growth from differing perspectives and motivations. From this base he is able to articulate his methodology so every level team member gains the knowledge they need to be successful in working towards the ultimate goal of growing revenue.

David Acton, CPA CFO
Johnston McLamb

Ian has been an asset to our company by providing strategic insight on our short-term and long-term growth initiatives.  In other words, helping us create a plan to achieve our vision.

Barry Glassman – President, Glassman Wealth

I consider myself a student of consultative or relationship selling. I was trained in it years ago… Ian Altman is by far the best I’ve seen at this in many, many years. He not only does it brilliantly himself, but he has the rare quality of being adept at teaching and coaching others to sell in this most effective way, too. What’s more, when he trains your entire sales organization to embody his methodology, not only do current and long term revenues increase, but the philosophy itself may positively influence your company’s fundamental culture. You cannot go wrong working with Ian.

Lowell Nerenberg –

Ian Altman’s presentation was not at all what was expected. Hearing you’re about to sit down for a presentation on sales and marketing is a lot like being told “the dentist will see you now”. But sitting down with Ian was not simply listening to yet another power-point presentation but rather it was an enjoyable learning experience… it was almost as if in having a discussion with an expert I was able to discover facts, tips and information organically rather than the often forced “my way is best” trap that many presentations fall into. I was surprised how much I learned from Ian’s presentation and how fast our time seemed to fly by.

Ed Puccerella – Artemis Strategies