For the fifth straight year, I’m making my predictions for the Top Ten Business Trends of the year. It’s been hugely popular among readers. If you Google the term “business trends”, it’s more than likely the number one result that comes up organically in my article on Forbes. In fact, Google often features it as the snippet.

On today’s episode of the Grow My Revenue business cast, I’m giving you a quick glimpse — a sneak peek if you will — under the covers into this year’s annual trends article. I’ll be discussing a few of the trends including the increased use of artificial intelligence; the popularity of real-life versus online interactions; the rise of social learning; how subject matter experts open doors for opportunity; and changes in marketing.

Whether you’re new to sales or you’re a seasoned professional, a business owner or junior exec, knowing these trends can move the needle in your business and profession. Today, we discuss a few of the business trends to keep an eye out for in 2018. Listen for a preview of these trends and much more on this solo edition of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • How AI is being used by companies to improve the customer experience.
  • Why subject matter experts continue to play a pivotal role in sales.
  • What social learning can do for professional development.
  • Why results-focused marketing is replacing marketing focused on features and benefits.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Every year, I identify the top ten business trends that will drive success in the coming year. In this episode, I describe some of these trends and what they will mean for you and your organization. I talk about new breakthroughs in technology, social learning and changes in marketing that will help you identify whether or not a prospect is a good fit, so if you’re someone who spends time chasing bad opportunities, you’re going to love this one targeted strategy.

And speaking of strategy, if you want to be part of a community that offers a ton of proven strategies for increasing your revenue with integrity, you’re going to want to hear about our new Same Side Selling Academy.  Tune in to hear how you can join on this edition of Grow My Revenue podcast.

Today, you’ll learn:

  • The real ways artificial intelligence and big data improve customer experience.
  • Why subject matter experts open doors to new opportunities.
  • Why it’s important to serve your community not just your buyers.

When you listen in, you’ll hear what upcoming trends to keep an eye out for and to apply them to your success. You’ll also want to check out the Same Side Selling Academy,  our new membership community that’s chock full of great resources for your business.


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What’s On Your Mind

As always, this episode provides inspiration, entertainment, and especially an actionable message that can drive remarkable results – and if you have any questions for a future episode, contact me.

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