“It’s very important to have a direction in mind when you’re growing your business.”

-Pete Williams

On this week’s episode, I talk with international business award winner and author Pete Williams about effective business growth. Pete’s new book Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth outlines how you can grow your business quickly and easily, by working on 7 key areas alone. Those 7 key areas are so important, that you can double your profit if you only increase each area by 10%! 

We begin our discussion by talking about some of the biggest mistakes or challenges business owners face when they are attempting to expand. Pete states that many business owners go to work every day and complete the same tasks, with no framework or blueprint for where their business is headed. This is extremely detrimental to the growth of any business, as planning is key.

Pete elaborates, saying, “Most people feel that they are in a rut…they are spending all their time delivering the product and not just working on the business.”

I can’t wait for you to hear more helpful advice from Pete in this episode!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • The dangers of running a “treadmill business.”
  • Why it’s important to not get weighted down by tactics alone.
  • The importance of having a clear direction in business.
  • Why having a roadmap is so necessary.
  • How too much goal setting can actually hurt you.
  • The 7 key areas you need to focus on for growth.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Pete is the author of the new business parable Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth. He is an accomplished businessman and has worked in various industries all over the world. Pete’s work has been recognized with international entrepreneurial awards, and he is currently heading up a number of successful companies.

In this episode, Pete talks about:

  • The big difference between a suspect and a prospect.
  • Why 10% growth in each area is a completely achievable win.
  • The journey that your customers go through in the 7 areas.
  • Why businesses need to recognize the problems they solve.
  • How looking for low hanging fruit can earn you 10% growth right away.
  • How to look for the leaky buckets in your business.

Pete says, “As you cycle through, you will continue to gain momentum and motivation.”

Make sure you tune in for all of these helpful methods, tips, and more, on today’s podcast with Pete Williams.

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Pete’s new book: Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth

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