Have you ever been talking to a potential client only for them to say they don’t have any problems you can solve? On today’s special solo show, I’ll be sharing a specific example of how one listener can address this in his business. You’ll hear how to apply it to your industry as well.

Also on this episode of Grow My Revenue, I’ll guide you through the conversation steps you can take to talk with a potential client who has an existing vendor. I’ll explain what to say to open the conversation, let their guard down and tell you just how well that existing partnership is going. This is a show you don’t want to miss so sit back and tune in to today’s Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • How to talk to a potential client, even if they think they have no need for your services.
  • What are the symptoms that your product or service treats?
  • How to effectively discuss their current provider with a potential client.
  • Why you should have good third-party stories to share.
  • And so much more…

Episode Overview

Recently I received an email from a listener in New York. He said he’s in the photo booth business and his issue is his clients say they don’t have a problem he can address. They don’t have a photo booth problem, so how can he talk to them? And he’s absolutely right: his client don’t have a photo booth problem, no on has a photo booth problem.

Instead he should be looking for what are the symptoms that his photo booth treats? You should look for what symptoms your product or service treats as well.

For this particular business, his clients want to have a great event but they also want people to remember the experience. They want those memories to go beyond just what they ate, or drank, or danced to, etc. Without the listener’s photo booth, there’s no way for them to remember the experience. The photo booth gives them a lasting impression they can hold on to.

To go a step further there are additional symptoms the photo booth treats. Some of the symptoms are it appeals to all ages from young to old, it is a good and wholesome experience that everyone can participate in. It creates memories that can be shared for weeks, months and years ahead.

Whether or not you’re in the photo booth industry, this same strategy applies to you. The key to communicating your business starts with thinking about symptoms you solve, rather than just what you offer as product or service.

On this show, I dive into what a conversation with a potential client looks like when they have a vendor. It begins by disarming them and engaging them with a conversation about their current relationship, and doing so in a non-threatening way.

From there, you steer them towards what is working in that partnership before asking what one or two things they would change if they could. I explain how to find out if the things they want to change are big issues, and what to do if they are and what to do if they are not. Each of these steps are critical to finding out what opportunity exists (if any).

During today’s episode of Grow My Revenue, I examine why effective selling is about getting to the truth of the matter as quickly as possible and how to make your potential client more receptive to talking with you about their problems. Listen in for all of that and more!


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