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Are you a business owner, executive, or someone that wants to ensure long time value for your business and customers? Discover how to break through the noise and stand out from the competition. Stop falling victim to a win-lose approach, rather make it about getting on the same side with customers. Focus on value and results, in the process earn the role of trusted advisor to achieve extraordinary success.

A broadcast dedicated to helping those that offer professional services. Hosted by business expert and bestselling author Ian Altman. Ian will feature insight from industry leaders with proven success. Tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable take away messages that can drive remarkable results.

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  • Gratitude For The Same Side Selling Community November 23, 2022
    On this Thanksgiving special, I take a look back at this year and share my gratitude for clients and lessons learned.Join me on this episode as I share some key sales tips of this year and how thankful I am for all of you in the Same Side Selling community.Looking for more guidance and support […]
  • The ONE Question Salespeople Need to Ask for Success November 16, 2022
    Have you been working on a deal for weeks but it feels like its dragging on and there doesn't seem to be any urgency? You may be making the common mistake of not asking the one question for success.In this week's episode, I share with you the one question to ask to determine whether the […]
  • The Worst Way to Cold Outreach November 9, 2022
    Are you doing cold outreach but getting zero responses? Cold outreach can be a great tool in generating new leads. However, it can also be detrimental to your business if you aren't executing it properly. In this week's episode, I share with you the many mistakes salespeople fall into when doing cold outreach and how […]
  • Recruiting Is Selling Careers November 2, 2022
    When you are recruiting talent, are you searching for candidates who fit objective criteria? This is one common mistake across sales organizations when growing their sales teams. Although you do want to make sure you have a qualified candidate, you also want to make sure you are recruiting sales people who are looking for the […]
  • 3 Biggest Voicemail Mistakes in Sales October 26, 2022
    A voicemail is an opportunity for you to pique a potential client’s interest. However, many fall into common traps that inevitably set them up for failure. In this week’s episode, I am going to share with you 3 common traps I see sales people fall into with voicemails. Join me in this conversation as I […]
  • Avoid The Sales Kickoff Meeting Traps October 19, 2022
    Are you making useful time with your sales kickoff meeting or are you just presenting your team with information you could deliver in a video or email? One of the biggest mistakes I see organizations make is not productively using their sales kickoff meeting to uncover what struggles or challenges they are facing. You want to […]
  • Keys to Effective Communication with Darcy Webb October 12, 2022
    It is key that you are effectively communicating with your team, clients and potential customers. You want to make sure your message is being heard and your passion or emotion behind the words is being properly construed.  In this episode, Darcy Webb, The Speech Diva, shares some key takeaways on how to effectively communicate better. During […]
  • Traps in Structuring a Sales Organization October 5, 2022
    How do you structure a successful sales organization? Do you focus vertically? Geographically? These are questions I am asked frequently and the answer may surprise you. There are many variables that affect your sales organization I am asked about from lead generation and qualifying leads to the sales process and scaling. In today’s episode, I […]
  • The Bad and Great of Customer Experience September 28, 2022
    Customer experience is important for retaining clients. When something goes wrong, it actually opens an opportunity to deliver a great experience for the customer. The recovery you have can better the experience the customer has when working with you. We can all learn something when things don’t go right, we have a choice to recover and […]
  • How to Avoid The Status Quo Using The Jolt Effect with Matt Dixon September 23, 2022
    Are you losing deals to no decision? In recent research, it is found that 40% to 60% of deals for the average salesperson are lost to no decision due to the client sticking with the status quo. In 2020 after going 100% virtual overnight, sales calls went from in person to Zoom. Matt Dixon, while […]