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Are you a business owner, executive, or someone that wants to ensure long time value for your business and customers? Discover how to break through the noise and stand out from the competition. Stop falling victim to a win-lose approach, rather make it about getting on the same side with customers. Focus on value and results, in the process earn the role of trusted advisor to achieve extraordinary success.

A broadcast dedicated to helping those that offer professional services. Hosted by business expert and bestselling author Ian Altman. Ian will feature insight from industry leaders with proven success. Tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable take away messages that can drive remarkable results.

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  • Biggest Cold Outreach Mistakes June 7, 2023
    Are you tired of your cold outreach efforts falling flat? In this episode, Ian shares three common cold outreach mistakes that can undermine your sales endeavors. From starting with disingenuous apologies to seeking the decision maker without considering the customer's needs, Ian shares insights and alternative approaches that can drive better results for your business. […]
  • How This CEO Doubled His Revenue With Non-Salespeople May 31, 2023
    In this episode of the Same Side Selling podcast, Ian Altman is joined by Sean Farrell, CEO of QDS, who reveals how he doubled his revenue by implementing Same Side Selling techniques. Discover the power of QDS's client-centric culture and their unwavering focus on achieving customer success. Sean shares how their systematic approach, driven by […]
  • 3 Worst Things Taught To Sellers May 24, 2023
    Are you tired of old school sales techniques that just don't seem to work anymore? In this episode, Ian Altman reveals the three biggest mistakes that sellers often make and what alternative approaches can be used for better success. Ian identifies the three biggest mistakes that sellers make and provides actionable steps to pivot your […]
  • How To Cut Your Sales Cycle In Half May 17, 2023
    How can you slash sales cycles, overcome pricing pressures, and achieve extraordinary success? In this week's episode, Ian Altman shares the secrets behind revolutionizing client relationships, maximizing business growth, and unleashing the power of Same Side Selling. Dive into success stories where sales cycles went from months to weeks, and average sales skyrocketed from $300,000 […]
  • How to Turn New Sales Reps Into Top Performers May 10, 2023
    Are you looking for proven strategies to turn your new sales representatives into high achieving performers? In this episode, Ian dives deep into the traps and pitfalls of onboarding new reps and reveals the proven strategies that have elevated members of the Same Side Selling Academy and his clients to extraordinary success. Discover why some […]
  • The Surprising Truth About The Sales Numbers Game May 3, 2023
    Discover the surprising truth about the sales numbers game in the latest episode of the Same Side Selling podcast with host Ian Altman. Whether you're in a transactional mass market or a more nuanced field, a targeted approach is crucial for sales success. In this episode, Altman shares his expertise on how to build a […]
  • Stop Showing Up To Sell, Show Up To Solve April 26, 2023
    In this episode of the Same Side Selling podcast, Ian Altman shares how salespeople can shift their focus from selling products or services to solving their customers' problems. Ian discusses the three personas in the sales world : order taker, sales person and subject matter experts. Ian provides practical advice on how to establish oneself […]
  • How To Establish Your Expertise With Books With Anna David April 19, 2023
    Are you an aspiring author looking to establish credibility and authority in your field? On this episode, Ian is joined by New York Times bestselling author and three times TEDx speaker, Anna David, who will share her top strategies on how to gain credibility through your writing.Anna will reveal common mistakes to avoid when writing […]
  • Biggest Mistakes in Sales Kickoff Meetings April 12, 2023
    In this episode of the Same Side Selling Podcast, Ian Altman delves into the common pitfalls of sales kickoff meetings and shares strategies for making them more effective. Sales kickoff meetings are often perceived as one-way information sessions where different departments present their systems, competitors, and other company details. However, this approach often falls short […]
  • Why Cold Outreach Efforts Fail April 5, 2023
    Are you struggling with success when doing cold outreach? In this episode, Ian Altman discusses the reasons why most cold outreach efforts fail and different strategies to use to improve your success. Ian shares the importance of looking at your outreach from the customer's perspective and sharing subject matter expertise to improve the effectiveness of […]