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Are you a business owner, executive, or someone that wants to ensure long time value for your business and customers? Discover how to break through the noise and stand out from the competition. Stop falling victim to a win-lose approach, rather make it about getting on the same side with customers. Focus on value and results, in the process earn the role of trusted advisor to achieve extraordinary success.

A broadcast dedicated to helping those that offer professional services. Hosted by business expert and bestselling author Ian Altman. Ian will feature insight from industry leaders with proven success. Tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable take away messages that can drive remarkable results.

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  • Has Cold Outreach Gotten Harder in B2B Selling? September 20, 2023
    Are you finding cold outreach more and more difficult? In this episode, Ian Altman tackles the evolving landscape of B2B cold calling. He dives into why it's becoming increasingly challenging to reach potential clients and offers practical insights into overcoming these obstacles. Ian emphasizes the importance of crafting compelling messages, disarming your approach, and empowering […]
  • 3 Biggest Fails In Sales Kickoff Meetings September 13, 2023
    In this episode of the Same Side Selling podcast, Ian Altman reveals the three biggest blunders that can sink your sales kickoff meetings. Drawing from his wealth of experience with B2B companies, Ian discusses the importance of starting by asking your team where they're struggling, offering practical solutions. He also highlights the pitfalls of using […]
  • How To Overcome Rejection In Sales September 6, 2023
    Have you struggled with facing rejection in your sales position? In today's episode, Ian addresses the fear of rejection in B2B sales. He introduces the concept of finding the right fit with clients, much like matching puzzle pieces. Ian emphasizes the importance of focusing on solving client problems rather than pushing products since not every […]
  • The Most Overlooked Obvious Mistake In Email Outreach August 30, 2023
    Discover the secrets to effective email outreach on this week's episode of the Same Side Selling podcast. In this episode, Ian Altman uncovers the most common mistakes that businesses make when reaching out via email. Are your messages getting lost in spam folders? Are your carefully crafted campaigns falling flat? Ian dives deep into the […]
  • 3 Unexpected Beliefs in B2B Sales August 23, 2023
    There are three essential beliefs crucial for success in B2B sales and in this episode Ian Altman reveals some unexpected perspectives. While the first belief centers on the customer's conviction that your product or service warrants a change, the subsequent two beliefs are equally pivotal. Ian shares the importance of the seller's confidence in their […]
  • How This Team Built A Culture Of Growth August 16, 2023
    Are you looking to build a culture of growth in your organization with a proven sales strategy? In this episode, Ian Altman is joined by Kevin Bock and Eric Keebler of Precision Air Convey to share their transformative journey. These industry experts discuss their transformative sales approach to fostering growth, refining lead qualification, and drastically […]
  • How To Build The Best Team Ever with David Burkus August 9, 2023
    Looking for tips on how to build the ultimate team in your business? In this episode, Ian Altman is joined by with organizational psychologist and author of Best Team Ever, David Burkus where David dives deep into the art of crafting unbeatable teams. Explore groundbreaking insights that debunk common myths about success and talent acquisition, […]
  • Build A Culture Of Growth With Non-Salespeople August 2, 2023
    Join host Ian Altman on this week's Same Side Selling podcast as he uncovers the secret to building a culture of growth for non-salespeople. Discover how to transform your team's mindset, moving away from the conventional sales approach towards a foundation of integrity, trust, and results. Learn the power of showing up as problem solvers, […]
  • Why Cross Selling Your Other Products Could Be Failing July 26, 2023
    In this episode of the Same Side Selling podcast, host Ian Altman discusses the challenges businesses face when cross-selling their new products or services to existing clients. He highlights two common traps: transitioning from a free offering to a paid one and focusing on features instead of client problems. By offering actionable strategies to overcome […]
  • How To Work With Almost Anyone with Michael Bungay Stanier July 19, 2023
    Do you find it challenging to work with difficult people, whether it's coworkers or customers? In this episode, Ian Altman sits down with Michael Bungay Stanier, author of "How To Work With Almost Anyone," to discuss the art of cultivating strong relationships with coworkers and customers in sales. Michael shares practical insights and actionable tips […]