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Are you a business owner, executive, or someone that wants to ensure long time value for your business and customers? Discover how to break through the noise and stand out from the competition. Stop falling victim to a win-lose approach, rather make it about getting on the same side with customers. Focus on value and results, in the process earn the role of trusted advisor to achieve extraordinary success.

A broadcast dedicated to helping those that offer professional services. Hosted by business expert and bestselling author Ian Altman. Ian will feature insight from industry leaders with proven success. Tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable take away messages that can drive remarkable results.

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  • Biggest Mistake in Sales Training August 4, 2022
    If you invest in a program and don’t see results, you are hurting your sales organization because they begin to think that the trainings are a waste of time. When you invest in a program, there are key factors you want to consider beforehand. In this week’s episode, I dive into how you can understand […]
  • Same Side Selling Success Stories July 27, 2022
    Welcome to the 300th episode! I am thrilled on this episode to share with you some of the many success stories from the Same Side Selling Academy. I am not sharing with you the wins we have on our end but the wins our client’s have had throughout their time learning and implementing the Same […]
  • How to Follow Up When A Deal Is Delayed July 20, 2022
    Have you ever forecasted a deal to happen and the clients seem excited to work with you and all the sudden they stop returning your calls or emails? Or maybe they do respond but they let you know they have to push the deal out 1,2 or 3 months? You were certain this deal was […]
  • 3 Elements for High Performing Sales Training July 13, 2022
    There is a difference between the top sales performers and the people in the middle, effective training. There are three main components to a high performing sales training program and in this episode I share with you exactly how you can replicate that for your own business.    We are honored that the Same Side […]
  • Pipeline Traps July 6, 2022
    You gather all this information from meetings for your pipeline reports, but do you keep falling into the trap of the client choosing another vendor, pricing difficulties or they ghost you? If so, you may be falling into these common pipeline traps that don’t actually ask or measure the necessary information to move the needle.  […]
  • How to Approach the VP of Business Prevention June 29, 2022
    Have you encountered the VP of Business Prevention, the person who always finds a way to kill a deal? Instead of complaining about this person, you need to alter your approach to selling your product or service. You want to focus on discovering what key factors are important to this key decision maker and how […]
  • How To Build The Best Customer Experience with David Avrin June 23, 2022
    The customer experience has changed over the past few years. The expectations for access, immediacy, flexibility and convenience as customers have shifted and we must learn how to differentiate ourselves from competitors.  In this week’s episode, Ian is joined by David Avrin. David is one of the most in-demand Customer Experience speakers and consultants in […]
  • Why Product Demos Are A Trap For Sellers June 15, 2022
    Scheduling a demo shouldn’t be your goal, piquing the interest of executives with the problems you solve should be your biggest priority. To successfully generate sales after demos, you want to focus on piquing interest, determine if you are a good fit and deliver evidence that you can provide results. In this week’s episode, I […]
  • The Recipe for Launching New Products or Services June 8, 2022
    A common mistake executives make after coming up with a new product or service offering is trying to hire a sales team before knowing exactly how or why your customer would buy the offering. How can you hire any sales team before understanding what moves the needle for your potential client? In this week’s episode, […]
  • Asking Negative vs Positive Question to Uncover Your Clients Problems June 1, 2022
    When asking your clients questions, are you framing your questions to elicit the response you want to hear or to get the truth? One common trap that people fall into is trying to get people to agree with us. However, if you ask your clients questions with more skepticism, you can begin to uncover the […]