Same Side Improv

Top athletes practice regularly: How about you?

How much improvement would you see if you rehearsed important customer interactions?

Role play without a purpose or structure can be a waste of time. We understand why you didn’t particpate in the past. That’s why we created Same Side Improv™ a fun and highly interactive way to help teams rehearse important conversations that puts them on the Same Side with the customer. Many organizations use this Same Side Improv exercise as a weekly ritual for driving better outcomes.

Same Side Improv provides a way for teams to practice real-world business situations to reinforce skills… and maybe have some fun along the way. Like improvisational theater, your job is to make your improv partner look good. Let’s face it, the truly contentious customer is probably not a good fit for you anyhow.

We've built Same Side Improv into the Same Side Selling Academy.  Just visit to learn more.

How does Same Side Improv work?

This "unboxing" video from Bob London, President, London Ink, shows you how a fun role playing card game can help sales folks better understand the customer’s perspective in order to win more deals.