TRUE Fit Tool

I created a spreadsheet tool to identify whether or not an opportunity is a TRUE fit. It breaks opportunities into four categories:

T-erms: The Business terms

R-elationship: Are you on the inside or outside? Are they rooting for you? Are they confiding in you, or the preferred vendor they want to have help them?

U-pside: What is the potential to replicate, expand, reference, or create new business from this deal?

E-xpertise: How close does this project fit with your companies’ greatest strengths and strategic objectives?

Though the TRUE spreadsheet tool has a predefined set of parameters, you can tailor it with each client to suit their needs. Simply evaluate your client for each item on a scale from 1-10, and then see graphically how the opportunity fits with their needs.

Click here to download the file TRUE Fit Opportunity Evaluation Tool

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