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Future Proof Your Business Growth

The way you grew a company 10 years ago does not produce the same growth today. And, the way you will grow 5 years from now will require even more change. If you want to protect your future, it’s time to modernize your business and build a culture of growth that everyone can embrace together – especially your clients.

Ian Altman shares a modern approach that helps today’s leading organizations accelerate business. Ian shares examples of businesses that have doubled their growth rate within a year of Ian's session. Altman provides your team with proven integrity-based strategies and tools, all backed by real-world examples, to energize your organization with a culture of growth. Attendees will learn how to stand out from the competition, get on the same side with your customers to accelerate decisions, shift the focus from price to value, and quickly uncover the truth. Altman delivers videos and tools after the session to ensure that his concepts turn into actions that drive meaningful, measurable results.

The Secrets to Crushing the Competition Regardless of Price

Help Your Client Root for You Over Alternatives

Too often when faced with competition, even seasoned professionals might not know what to do. It’s natural for team members to start discounting in hopes of winning the business. But, what if there is a better way? In this session, Ian Altman flips traditional approaches to competition on its head covering key pillars from his bestselling book, Same Side Selling.

Based on research with thousands of executives on how they make and approve decisions, Altman gives your audience tools that overlay on top of existing sales methodologies to shift the focus from price to value, allow you to quickly stand head and shoulders above the competition, and better understand why replacing the competition with your solution might require some hand-holding.

Your team with leave the session with actionable tools tailored to your products or services to help your clients quickly see why you have a superior solution regardless of price. Altman follows-up the session with key-takeaway messages and a series of emails and videos to ensure the concepts stick. This has led to clients seeing rapid, tangible results. Hear examples of companies that grew from 20% to 80% of their team beating their revenue targets within one year. Or businesses that grew from $17 million to $109 million in three years, or $100 million to $600 million in 5 years, using these proven strategies. 

Same Side Recruiting

With increasing pressure to attract the right candidates, old methods of recruiting might not attract the ideal clients. And, it's unsustainable to think that you can simply pay a higher salary than anyone else to attract talent. So, how do you attract the right candidates and help them pick your career opportunity over another one?

Ian introduces modern, integrity-based approaches based on Same Side Selling, You will transform recruiting to attract candidates who were not even looking, discover what motivates those candidates and build trust, and help them clearly see why they might be better off with you than with those competing for their talent. Ian shares actionable strategies and case studies that turned the tide for companies who now have their pick of the best talent.
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