A Modern Approach To Grow Your Business With Integrity

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Organizations call on keynote speaker, Ian Altman to inspire audiences with a modern approach to sales and marketing that everybody can embrace, especially your customer.

Ian grew the value of his own companies from zero to over $1 billion and now uses that experience to communicate insights that set organizations on the path to success.

After hearing Ian speak and implementing his approach, organizations have seen remarkable results!

“We had Ian speak at our national sales meeting. It was a true awakening. Over the next three years, we grew BrightClaim from $17 million to over $100 million while better serving our customers, and without adding a bunch of salespeople.“

Howard Rogers

CEO & President BrightClaim

We were not growing as fast as we wanted. Only 20% of our Small Business team was hitting their number. We brought Ian in for our national sales meeting. One year later, our growth has skyrocketed and 100% of the SB team is hitting their revenue goal.

Jason Walker

Vice President of Sales GPS Insight

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Price vs. Value

Why you want Ian for your event

Achieve Results & Success

You can count on Ian to provide concrete steps to modernize your sales and marketing to achieve results, not hype. Review the testimonials from organizations that have experienced dramatic revenue growth after inviting Ian to speak to their business. If you want measurable results, Ian’s the guy to call.

Ian’s Keynote Is Tailored To Your Goals & Audience

Ian takes the time to completely understand your event goals and how you wish to change behavior. He tailors his keynote message to align with your goals and the audience.

Ian Inspires The Audience

Ian involves the audience and delivers on-the-fly role plays with participants to demonstrate how his concepts work in the real world. Ian ensures that people are engaged; they’ll laugh, learn, and leave the session inspired to make a difference.

Ian’s Message Has An Impact On Your Audience

Audiences frequently give Ian high marks in post-event surveys.

  • 95% of Ian’s audience rate him as one of the top 5 presenters they’ve ever seen.
  • 35% rate him as the best speaker they’ve ever seen.

Ian’s Message Is Based On Proved Methods

Ian draws on decades of experience as a former CEO of technology and services businesses that he founded, sold, and ultimately grew to over $1 billion in value. This business success backed by years of research that Ian conducted to understand how customers make decisions, makes him a leading authority to help people become more successful in business.

Ian Will Keep Your Audience Engaged

Through his energetic, humorous, and interactive talks, Ian engages audiences of sales professionals, subject matter experts, and executives alike from beginning to end with proven methods to help modernize their approach to align with today’s customers.

Are you ready to contact Ian for a speaking event?

We encourage you to get in touch if you want to know more about how Ian can help you and your organization.

“Ian energized our team with strategies, tools, and most importantly confidence to stand out from the competition and best serve our accounts.

Ian tailored his examples to our world, making it easy to implement the concepts and see immediate tangible success. We loved his session, and can’t wait to bring him back for more.”

Amy Shah

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

“Ian hit it out of the park. Ian’s Keynote was captivating, entertaining, refreshing, and spot on! More importantly, you gave the audience several key actionable items that will directly impact the way they do business. Thank you for delivering one of the best Keynotes we have had at our excellent convention.”

Joseph F. DeNoyior

Managing Partner Washington Financial Group and Former NAPA President

“Our team found Ian to be engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking. We can easily implement his message about value selling.”

Mark Zacur

Vice President and General Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Ian combined entertainment with education and inspiration. Ian kept everyone fully engaged while delivering real-world strategies and tactics to help drive growth for the participating companies. We measure the impact by how long the attendees talk about the session. Months later, Ian’s session is still a topic of conversation with attendees ranging from sales professionals through the C-Suite.”

Chris Miller

Executive Director Professional Systems Network International (PSNI)

Ian Inspires Audiences With These Sales & Business Topics

A Modern Approach To Growth Everyone Can Embrace—Even Your Customers

Old methods for business growth and overcoming competition have gotten a bit crusty. Build a culture of growth with a modern approach that everyone can embrace. Discover how to earn attention, rise above the competition, and shift focus from price to value – all with integrity (and humor).

Ian shares principles that grew his prior businesses from $0 in value to over $1 billion. Ian debunks myths about customer decision-making by sharing his research conducted across thousands of executives on how they make and approve decisions. He inspires audiences with case studies of how large and small organizations alike have achieved remarkable growth with this modern approach.

Ian engages attendees from beginning to end with insightful content driven by experience, research, and just the right addition of humor. He includes on-the-fly role plays with participants to demonstrate how to activate your entire organization toward a mission of integrity-based growth and client service. Audiences rave about how Ian delivers concrete, actionable steps that drive results – all with a smile.

Rise Above Your Competition

Across industries, competition has changed. Without the right mindset and tools, you can easily become a virtual commodity. Ian shares tangible ways you can rise above the competition, help employees and customers alike to embrace your unique value, and build a culture of differentiation.

Built on research and real-world results, Ian uses humor, stories, and interaction to illustrate how to change the perspective of executives, salespeople, operations, and customer service teams. Discover a common language teams can use to deliver incredible results for your customers (and your organization).

Ian guides the audience through proven methods that will help attract your ideal customer and stand out in a competitive market. It’s not enough to have great products and services.

“Outstanding content and value. Ian presents a whole different mindset for selling. In several weeks it already is making a difference with me and with our company. I anticipate that we will look back at Ian's training as a hallmark moment in the history of our company when throughout many levels of our company we learned to sell."

Michael Engles

Chief Investment Officer/Partner, CWS Capital Partners

Are you ready to contact Ian for a speaking event or workshop?

We encourage you to get in touch if you want to know more about how Ian can help you and your organization.


Ian’s fee ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. In North America, we quote a flat fee for air travel. Please contact us to get specific information for your event.