Strategic Guidance

Stand Out. Accelerate Sales. Grow Margins

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Does it ever feel like you and your potential customer are working against each other?
Does it seem like your client only cares about price?.
Or what if you could burn fewer resources and close more business?
Do you have great stuff, but your message falls on deaf ears?

For a Select Handful of companies

CEO's may realize they have not made effective use of their non-salespeople to expand business, may feel that they are discounting too much, or might be chasing too many deals that will never turn into profitable business. In some cases, companies may realize that though they are not growing strategically toward a viable exit. Ian works with a few companies each quarter to define, design, and execute strategies with their teams.

How does it work?

Ian works with your team in a structured manner to ensure that your team “owns” a message that resonates with your target audiences.
You’ll collaborate to focus on the right targets, with a message that does not fall on deaf ears, and an integrity-based sales approach that allows your team to shorten the sales cycle and focus on value over price.
  • “Outstanding content and value. Ian presents a whole different mindset for selling. In several weeks it already is making a difference with me and with our company. I anticipate that we will look back at Ian’s training as a hallmark moment in the history of our company, when throughout many levels in our company we really learned to sell!”
    Michael Engels
    Chief Investment Officer/Partner, CWS Capital Partners
  • “Ian energized our team with strategies, tools, and most importantly confidence to stand out from the competition and best serve our accounts. Ian tailored his examples to our world, making it easy to implement the concepts and see immediate tangible success. We loved his session, and can’t wait to bring him back for more.”
    Brandy Hammond
    E2G The Equity Engineering Group
  • “We struggled to develop a message and sales methodology that could help us stand out from the competition. We worked with Ian Altman to build a culture of integrity-based selling for our company. Our message no longer falls on deaf ears, and our clients better appreciate the value we bring to impact their business. The great thing about Ian’s approach is its focus on finding the truth. It makes for a sales conversation that is much more comfortable and productive, for both parties. ”
    Amy Shah
    Vice President Sales and Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

Are you ready to discuss your situation?

Ian is happy to speak with you to see if he can help. And, if not, he's happy to point you in the right direction.
B2B organizations call on Ian Altman when they want to accelerate revenue growth with integrity.
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