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What is the Same Side Selling Academy
For more years than I care to admit, clients have asked if I offered an online program to onboard new team members, reinforce concepts for those who have participated in Same Side Selling, and ask questions about handling objections and client situations. I'm done...
Can You Create Urgency With Customers
When you are waiting for a potential customer to make a decision, there is a wrong and right way to follow-up with your client. Rather than striving to create urgency, here's an approach you can take to keep the sales process moving in a way that is beneficial for...
Client Vision Pyramid Method
If the client doesn't know the difference between what you offer and what others offer, it's your own fault. In this video, I share a strategy called the “Client Vision Pyramid” that you can use to help your clients or prospects to better understand how you stack up...
Why They Would and Would Not Buy From You
Are you tired of waiting for pending opportunities with potential clients? In this video, discover what questions you need to ask and information you need to uncover to know why a potential client would (or would not) buy from you. Explore all the latest Same Side...
Christina Daves Same Side Selling Testimonial
Christina Daves explains how within 24-hours of attending the Same Side Selling Immersion session, she was able to apply the concepts and realize rapid results. Explore all the latest Same Side Selling videos and subscribe to Same Side Selling YouTube Channel...
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